Nashik man starts campaign to stop actor Ajay Devgn from appearing in Junglee Rummy adverts

A video of a man in Nashik protesting against celebrities and cricketers promoting online gaming is going viral. The man can be seen sitting on his two-wheeler in a busy street, sharing his message through a loudspeaker. His vehicle has banners installed containing the text “Bheek Maango Andolan for Ajay Devgn” who promotes an online rummy brand.

As per reports, the man is targeting Devgn for his appearance in Junglee Rummy advertisements. The actor was heavily criticized from some quarters for his endorsement of the brand. The man, through his protest campaign, is asking for alms to send them over to Devgn as he believes that despite being financially well-off the actor is still promoting brands which, according to him, harm the youth and society.

“This is wrong, that is why I am doing this movement. All you need to do is click a photograph and video of this and send it to others. Let it reach the actor and let him see this,” he says in the video.

“I have decided that I will run this ‘Bheek Maango Andolan’, and beg on the streets to collect money, which I will then send to Ajay Devgn with the request to stop being part of such ads,” he adds.

He further says that if the actor needs more money, he is prepared to beg again. He goes on to request him to refrain from appearing in such commercials for his financial gain.

Recently, a young man from Nanded city in Maharashtra had addressed a letter to the Bollywood actor, asking him how much he had won playing online rummy. He further asked the actor to focus on inspiring his fans instead of promoting online games that made them fall in debt traps.(rummy glee

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